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More than a loan

Whether you are just starting out as a sole trader or trying to grow an established business we understand the challenges and the rewards of being self-employed. 

Upfront holistic review

We take the time

We want to understand what keeps you up at night and what are you looking to do so that we can work with you holistically not just on a transaction
Proactive ideas

Provide a benchmark

We work with hundreds of self-employed clients and can provide you insights on how other people structure and finance their business and wealth creation
Customer Plans

If not Now then How

Running a business  can be a complex balancing act.  We understand that it may take six months or more for everything to line up, but by planning we can help save you money and frustration  
Supported by a team

None of us are a smart as all of us

By working is small teams we keep your application moving, you always have someone to talk to and we work together internally to provide you the very best solution

Common Self-Employed Structures

Our Preferred Lenders for the Self-Employed clients

We understand that the primary goal for most clients is to secure a loan approval with minimal hassle and at and affordable rate.  to achieve this we have invested significant effort and resources into obtaining our own Australian Credit License
(ACL# 522467)


This license empowers us to offer access to the widest array of loan providers available.  We proactively engage with various banks and investigate their lending policies and pricing structures.  Consequently, when we recommend a lender to you we are not guessing how they will look at your situation.  We bring to the table a comprehensive understanding of their policies, processes, rates and fees   


Preferred Specialist Funders

Pepper Money

Steps to take when you want to organise finance

Plan the finance before you act

By planning ahead you will save yourself money, time and frustration.  If you are considering doing something which will require finance in the next 6-12 months start now.



Let your accountant know

Your accountant is often a gatekeeper of information and generally will be focused on managing your tax bill.  Let them know that you are interested in borrowing, they can then consider your goals when making decisions


Give us a call

Make sure you are working with someone that has experience with self-employed applicants and call while you are still in the planning stages.  Again this will save you in the end 


Think a couple years ahead

Maybe you just want to refi now, but in 18 months you want to buy a new commercial premise.  We can take steps today to make the next transaction much easier. It is best to talk over the ideas today before you start the application process

Lending Triangle

Lending Triangle

Vanessa G.

Another seamless experience with John Germano and his support team. John’s ability to work alongside our accountant, my husband and I in achieving our personal and business goals has been nothing short of amazing.

Dion C.

Thank you so much for your professionalism and expertise in helping us through our 'complex' situation in refinancing our mortgage. We are very grateful for sharing your knowledge regarding the most updated products and for helping us with the all forms and all the way to the execution of the process is impeccable! This has helped us lessen the stress and anxiety and we wouldn't have gotten through the process without your guidance! 

Joanna Z.

FirstPath really looked after us with our new package they went above and beyond what is expected from a mortgage team really happy with their service and also helped put us onto an accountant that better suited our position thanks guys!!!!

Coffee Factory

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