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Get the Financing You Need

As you can see scrolling through our testimonials we have been able to help people from a diverse background work towards achieving their goals.  Below are three scenarios where we really shine.

First Home Buyers

There is no doubt buying a house is a big commitment but owning a home is much more attainable than the media often makes out.

Just to dispel a couple of myths you do not need to save 20% of a house's value to be ready to buy a property.

Second, you do not need to be on $100,000+ to afford something reasonable.

We understand the whole idea seems a bit overwhelming, but we are here to help guide you through the process.

Our goal is to turn your nerves into excitement and prove to yourself and everyone else you are ready to stand on your own two feet.

To get you comfortable with the process and some of the terms we have put together a couple of guides that you can download for free, here and here.

There are a number of government programs and bank policies to help you purchase your first house. 

If you are comfortable purchasing a house that is no more than 5-6 times more than your annual income (Including a partner) give us a call and we can help begin the journey to owning your own home.

(as an example $70k per year x 6 = $420k house price)

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We find that fewer and fewer people are working in Full-Time, Pay As You Go (PAYG) jobs.  Which in many ways is fantastic but not when it comes to getting a loan. 
Literally, every bank in Australia calculates Self-Emplyed income differently, which includes contractor and casual income.  A "No" from one institution can easily be a "Yes" at another.
Our team has more than 50 years of cumulative experiencing working with all types of self-employed income and unlike a lender at a bank we are also self-employed and we have personal experience behind us as well.
Working with your accountant we can help you create a cost-efficient strategy to secure your next dream.

Self Employed owner

Debt Consolidation

It started with a credit card, which turned into two, which was then turned into a personal loan, which turned into another credit card, a car loan and a... 

Now you have been turned down for more credit or you have started to miss payments.  Your finances are stressing you out and you are ready for a change.

If this sounds familiar you are certainly not alone.

Financial stress is the number 1 cause of relationship breakdowns.**

You may not be aware, but since mid 2018 every time you miss a payment by more than 15-30 days it is recorded on your credit file for 2 years.  More than a handful of issues in the last 12 months will make it more difficult and expensive to borrow money.

If you are ready to make the necessary changes, we have the expertise and the connections to help you get your finances under control.

Financial Stress
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