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Turn your goals into reality –

Last week I was helping one of my children with their homework and like so many nights working on homework, there where parts and concepts that required them to really think and struggle. After a bit of time and the occasional “I can’t do this” they where able to learn the lesson, break through and finish.

Today I was working with a self-employed client who had owned their own business for ~20 years and we where working through the difference between the business’ revenue and net profit. To which the client said “I really don’t understand any of this, my accountant takes care of it.” I spent an extra 5 mins working through the basic elements of a Profit and Loss and by the end we had a plan pulled together to work through the issue and help him achieve his goal of upgrading his home.

As I was getting ready for another night of homework, I was reflecting on so many of the interactions I have had with clients over the years and realised that at school there is always a due date to get things in, but as an adult the due dates are often not nearly as well defined. And we can often phone a friend (or pay a professional…) to just sort out a problem without really having to learn how to deal with a similar situation in the future or worse really understanding what it is going to take to achieve our goals.

At FirstPath we appreciate you probably don’t want or need to have an in-depth understanding of all things finance, but what we would like to do is work with you to understand your goals and help break down those goals into some key steps that we can work through to turn those goals in to reality.

Below is a simple graphic that helps illustrate the point; if we make small investments into our goals each day/week initially not much seems to change, but over time when we look back we can achieved a lot. Alternatively we can do nothing and things will likely not change or worse go backwards as the world passes by.

We find by taking just 1 hour out to sit down and understand your unique situation we can help start those small habits that will help you achieve your goals. Give us a call today to schedule a time for a chat.

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